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Computer Data - alles

Fonte: Indie Shuffle em 16/09/2018
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Sounds like: Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld

Song: Computer Data - alles

What's so good?

Occasionally we get sent a song on SubmitHub that the entire team tosses around, with no one wanting to decline it, but no one wanting to approve it either. Such was the case with Computer Data's "alles," but I don't think none of us wanted to approve it because we didn't like it. Rather, it's because at just over 7 minutes in length, we'd often forget what we were doing and move onto the next task before remembering that we needed to make a decision. And so the cycle would repeat itself. In this case, I must have listened to this song more than 10 times before finally accepting it -- and each time I think I found myself drifting off to do another task and completely forgetting about my SubmitHub queue. So, weeks later, I'm here to do justice to this safe-but-catchy house song by SF-based artist Computer Data.

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