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Crumb - Jinx

Fonte: Indie Shuffle em 8/07/2019
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Sounds like: Loving, Mild High Club, Inner Wave

Song: Crumb - Jinx

What's so good?

As the title track, “Jinx” closes out Crumb’s recently released debut album with a hushed, almost devastating urgency that’s darker than their previous work. Spell-bindingly incessant drums and chords accompanied by equally enchanting lyrics make it seem like I’m being put under some kind of spell by an evil forest witch and I love it.The song continues to unfurl as winding guitar comes in before coming to an abrupt stop after the second verse. I checked to see if the song had actually just ended like that, but after this momentary break in their spell, Crumb soon wraps us back into a hauntingly personal, almost pleading outro.Then, with a rich guitar riff and a drum beat, the spell is unfortunately broken.In all, “Jinx” explores the tenuous comings and goings of life in an appropriately transcendent sound, grounding yet spooking us all at the same time.

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