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Fontaines D.C. - Too Real

Fonte: Indie Shuffle em 3/06/2019
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Sounds like: Idles, Libertines, Foals

What's so good?

Fontaines D.C. are an alternative indie rock band from Dublin that offer a breath of fresh air in this current musical climate consisting of constant new releases with increasingly less edge. Their debut album, Dogrel, was released earlier this year and offers thought provoking lyrics in a post-punk setting that will have you hooked instantly. The track “Too Real” kicks off with an upbeat intro of beating drums and weaving, whaling guitars that add a sense of urgency and purpose to the song. The vocals delivered in an almost dead pan tone with a slight twist of Irish charm and a nod to Bob Dylan come fast but poignant.The two guitars bounce well off each other with spaceship sounding pedal magic that creates a dynamic, sonic soundscape allowing breathing room for the pulsing drums and bass. The chorus is simple yet effective and sure to become a crowd favourite as the band gains momentum in the coming years. “Too Real” is just one of the well written post-punk revival tunes off Dogrel that will put a spring in your step as you think about the future of guitar music and how it continues to reinvent itself.

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