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mxmtoon - blame game

Fonte: Indie Shuffle em 10/08/2019
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Sounds like: Kate Nash, Ida Maria, Pearla

What's so good?

I've been trying to get mxmtoon featured on Indie Shuffle for a while now and I've finally found a song from the rising artist that ticks all the boxes. "blame game" is a tremendous pop tune from the 19 year-old singer-songwriter, highlighting her lush vocals and incredible songwriting abilities. Speaking on the track, mxmtoon said;'blame game' Is about craving a relationship with another person, and feeling betrayed by the fact that the other party didn’t want it to work out the way you did. ultimately though, every relationship is a two way street. to be blindly optimistic and ignorant of the signs something isn’t meant to be, is just as much a problem. eventually, many of us figure out our own shortcomings, but even after the fact, it can be easier to continue to blame another before you reconcile with yourself.Tackling relatable issues in her songs, mxmtoon reminds me of Kate Nash in the way she portrays her feelings through song. If you're liking this be sure to check out more of her work here.mxmtoon's debut album the masquerade is set for release September 17.

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