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Shopan - Greens (Ft. quickly, quickly)

Fonte: Indie Shuffle em 1/10/2018
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Sounds like: SwuM., Harris Cole, Mndsgn

Song: Shopan - Greens (Ft. quickly, quickly)

What's so good?

Moments before I listened to this song today I ate an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids and cuddled with my roommate's cat. The cat's name is Jake, and he's the most lovable, relaxed cat ever. He's the sort of cat you take home to– never mind. Jake wasn't at all phased by this airy beat by Shopan and quickly, quickly. Jake just wanted his face scratched and to be pet. Once this song hit the second drop he was purring.  I'm curious if you're asking yourself, "what does this have to do with the music?" If you haven't noticed, it has nothing to do with the beat. I'm just having a very relaxing afternoon.

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