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Destiny's Next Big Update Coming in November

Fonte: Game Spot em 22/10/2015
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Bungie has released details on a major upcoming update for sci-fi shooter Destiny. As detailed on the

The patch will address a bug which has been affecting how Legendary drops happened "throughout the Crucible, including Iron Banner." In addition, Bounties will be expanded in the upcoming update, with particular focus on fixing bounties which are too difficult, demand "too much carnage at once", or have requirements that are deemed to be too high.

Additionally, the update will also make changes to the Crucible Forged quest which was introduced in The Taken King. The questline will be shortened, and players will be offered more choices in how they decide to complete it. Players will also be able to complete multiple quests simultaneously. Bungie hopes to release update 2.0.2 "before Thanksgiving."

Earlier today, the studio announced when the 3v3 player-versus-player event, Trials of Osiris, would be making a return. The event was delayed after a glitch which could unbalance the game was discovered. Destiny will be getting a Hard Mode for the raid King's Fall starting October 23 at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT.


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